Acid Proof Bricks
We provide Acid Proof Tiles/Bricks which are available in different types. They give innovative and stylish look to your place, and are easy to install, have accurate dimensions, are waterproof, give commendable resistance to heat and water, etc.
Acid Resistant Mortar
Use our high grade quality Acid Resistant Mortar which are available in different categories as per clients specification. Besides, they are recommended to protect incinerators, chimneys and other high temperature items.
Acid Resistant Primer
We provide several types of Acid Resistant Primers which are resistant to sea water, tap water de-ionized water hydrochloric & sulfuric fume dilute acid, etc.  Also, they are durable, give excellent results and easy to use.
Bitumen Mastic
Use our Bitumen Mastics which are applied with straight edged piece of wood or trowel. They are reliable and give Seamless performances. These mastics are not recommended where there is excessive heat or solvents, minerals oil & grease are anticipated.
Acid Resistant Lining Services
Use our Acid Resistant Lining Services which are offered in different areas like acid resistant, carbon brick lining, etc. The provided services are highly appreciated by our valued clients due to the perfect execution of our experts.
Acid Resistance Cement
Use our Acid Resistance Cements which are available in different varieties like furan, phenolic resin, acid proof, etc. Besides, they are highly durable, waterproof, and cost effective and come in commendable packaging.
Acid Proof Tanks
We provide Acid Proof Tanks to our valued clients which are available in different sizes and dimensions. They are durable, provide excellent results, require less maintenance, etc. These tanks are used in different factories and other areas too.
Acid Proof Tiles
Acid Proof Tiles are known for 1.15  w/moK at 400 C thermal conductivity and a maximum value of 3.00 acid solubility. Their cold crushing strength is minimum of 700 kg/cm2.

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